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Strumming heavily on the heartstrings of his audience, Melbourne man, Cameron Paice, finally returns with his darkest and most brutally honest songs yet in the form of Vinten . A name rich in family history, Vinten asserts his own place in the Alternative Rock world with a sound that focuses on the very roots of affection. Having put his previous music to rest almost two years ago, Vinten has been in somewhat of a writing frenzy, brewing the ingredients of a distinctive, genuine and raw sound. The result is sonically rich, layered tones, with variant and confrontingly intimate lyrical content.

Well versed in the songwriting/performing realm, Vinten has gained acclaim from some of the biggest names in the Australian and International music scene. His previous work fronting the now retired band, Yorque, elicited praise from the likes of Gotye, legendary American producer Scott Matthews (The Beach Boys, Ringo Starr), and more recently, Australia’s hit machine Charles Fisher (Savage Garden). Along with these accolades, Vinten is also an active participant in smaller musical communities,working closely with a number of independent labels in recent years.

Having sold out two shows in Melbourne to release his first single, and gaining attention from blogs in Europe and America, as well as Triple J Unearthed, Vinten is now following up its success with his latest single, ‘You Don’t Know Me’. In a story easy to connect with, Vinten explores something we hold on to our entire lives, our childhood love. Whilst we all feel like rekindling this love at times, we must realise that who we were then is not who we are now. Vinten’s characteristic raw vocal, and passionate delivery makes his latest single powerful and infectious.

Vinten will be launching his debut EP, ‘What Has Been’ (which included ‘Dont Turn Around’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me) to a special Melbourne show on December 19 at The Public Bar, supported by JP Klipspringer and John Kennedy.